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This application is for Fenwick Gated HOA only.

Repainting your house? The CC&Rs state “no approval shall be required to repaint the exterior of a structure in accordance with the ordinarily approved color scheme.” So, if you are painting your home the same color(s), no pre-approval is required. A change of exterior paint colors requires Architectural Review Board approval.

Any alterations of or additions to the existing landscaping, erection or installation of any structure or improvements shall require Architectural Review Board approval.

Additionally, placement of other structures (e.g., fences, signs, antennae and satellite dishes, clotheslines, playground equipment, basketball hoops, pools, propane and other fuel tanks or devices – other than standard gas grills – lighting, temporary structures, solar devices, and artificial vegetation) on the exterior of any Lot or other portion of the PROPERTY shall be regulated by the Fenwick Declaration and Design Guidelines and require the approval of the Architectural Review Board.

Approval is based on the Fenwick Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the Fenwick Design Guidelines, the visibility of the project from outside the lot and regular required maintenance and upkeep.

A change in the project making it more visible from public or common areas may result in the original approval being rescinded, such as a fence being removed making the project more visible. Additional questions will appear when you select the type of project.