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Neighborhood Services Corp. in Edmond manages all three HOAs in Fenwick.

Homeowners in all three areas are members of Fenwick HOA, which maintains the parks, ponds, creek, swimming pool, clubhouse and all entrances and flowerbeds. Residents in the east “Fenwick Gated” and west “Fenwick Garden Village” areas pay additional dues to those HOAs for their roads & gates. Residents with double lots pay dues for each owned lot.

In gated sections, delinquent accounts may find their gate remote is disabled, requiring one to use the gate keypad. This only occurs after multiple attempts to contact the homeowner. The gate remote will be re-enabled once the gate volunteer receives an updated delinquency report, however, the homeowner is encouraged to notify the HOA that the account has been paid.

Your Fenwick Gated HOA & Fenwick HOA Dues for 2024 are due by March 1.

2024 Fenwick Gated HOA dues ($475) and Fenwick HOA dues ($490)

Payment may be made via one of the following methods:

  • PAY ONLINE options: EFT bank account transfer or debit/credit card. Each has an additional service fee. Access TownSq here or see instructions below on how to set up your account. Note that your TownSq account should have two accounts for your one TownSq user id.
  • Mail the Fenwick Gated HOA dues by check to: Fenwick Gated HOA, PO Box 653072, Dallas, TX 75265-3072 or drop off in the Fenwick Clubhouse mailbox (adjacent to the stop sign).
  • Mail the Fenwick HOA dues by check to: Fenwick HOA, PO Box 653072, Dallas, TX 75265-3072 or drop off in the Fenwick Clubhouse mailbox (adjacent to the stop sign).
  • DO NOT COMBINE PAYMENTS. They are deposited into different accounts., managed by different people and money cannot be transferred between accounts. Your checks should be made out to Fenwick Gated HOA and the other to Fenwick HOA or Fenwick Homeowners Association.

To access NSC’s TownSq System to pay online: 

  • The TownSq website is: app.townsq.io. If you registered last year, you can use the same email & password. If you are not registered, follow the instructions below.
  • Click on “Need to Register” at the bottom of the page to get started. 
  • You should receive two invoices in January
    from: “Fenwick Gated HOA c/o Neighborhood Services Corp. An Associa Company”
    from: “Fenwick Homeowners Association c/o Neighborhood Services Corp. An Associa Company”
  • EACH account # is listed on each invoice. Enter it with the other requested info.
  • If you no longer have the invoice or account #, email KellyS@neighborhoodsplus.com with your name, your Fenwick street address, and your preferred email address for portal access. Be sure to mention “Fenwick Gated HOA” as NSC manages many HOAs. You’ll hopefully receive a follow-up email within a business day.
  • After logging in, click on your name/profile in the top right corner, then select “Account” to view your payment options.
  • Change accounts to then pay your other HOA dues. In the Accounts area click on the other HOA to pay your 2nd dues or find “Change Community” in your Profile menu to see your other HOA account. 
  • If you have problems call NSC at 405-348-1436 so they can resolve it or walk you through the process.

Dues for each HOA can still be dropped in the clubhouse mailbox for pick-up by Neighborhood Services Inc. Again be sure to use a different envelope for each HOA as they go to different team personnel and different bank accounts.