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Effective JAN 1 2022: We have contracted with “Neighborhood Services Corp.”

You may email KellyS@neighborhoodsplus.com with your name, your Fenwick Gated street address, and your telephone number. Be sure to mention “Fenwick Gated HOA” as NSC manages many HOAs. You’ll hopefully receive a follow-up email within a business day. Note that Fenwick HOA and Fenwick Gated HOA use different account managers at NSC. Each HOA has a different contract, different bank accounts, budgets, etc. See Fenwick HOA’s web site for their current account manager at NSC.

The HOA management company provides our accounting services for utilities and contractors. They also provide invoices for fines and account balances due.

They invoice homeowners for annual dues and provide/coordinate collections services for delinquent accounts.

They respond to budget inquiries, property questions, etc.

They deliver a monthly accounting report to HOA Board.

They annually prepare the tax return and pays property insurance.

They maintain and updates a list of property owner listings for the HOAs.

Neighborhood Services Corp
1326 Fretz Dr,
Edmond, OK 73003
Neighborhood Services | Oklahoma | Associa (associaonline.com)